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  • Bailey Pianalto

Southern Spring Engagement Session

There’s nothing quite like springtime in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. The city is already a tropical colonial oasis (yes, it just checks alllll of my boxes!) But add in spring’s fresh foliage and suddenly the city transforms into one of the most photogenic places in the country! To say that it is an inspiring place to photograph is an understatement.

I found this engagement session at The Parsonage to be especially inspiring. Why? Because it included some very well-curated details. I mean, you know it’s going to be a fun day when The Pink Figgy is a part of your session! Adorn this adorable little car off with a bounty of beautiful blooms, add in a beautiful couple, place it in this stunning setting, and you’ve got yourself an inspiration overload!

Check out some of my favorites from the session:

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