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What type of car is The Pink Figgy?

The Pink Figgy is a limited edition (1991) Nissan Figaro. Roughly twenty thousand were produced and sold exclusively in Japan. The car came in four colors; one to represent each season. The stylish exterior pays tribute to vintage European microcars, and is remarkably ageless, despite being 32 years old.

How much does it cost to rent The Pink Figgy?

Since each session is unique, and varies based on location, duration, date, the amount of people involved, type of event, etc., there are no "set" prices.

Email us today for more information.

I do not have a photographer. Can you recommend one?

Absolutely! We have worked with several professional photographers at all price points, who have experience photographing cars. We are happy to share their names at your request.

Can I drive The Pink Figgy?

No, at this time, The Pink Figgy is not available as car rental/getaway car.

Does The Pink Figgy participate in styled shoots, film or media?

Yes! We can craft a package based on your needs.

How do I reserve The Pink Figgy?

Please contact us via email at or direct message us on The Pink Figgy Instagram page. Let's get the conversation started!

Please provide the following information when messaging us:

- Desired Date

- Type of event

- Location

- Number of people

- Duration

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