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Lilly P Inspired Bridal Luncheon

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Photographer Catherine Ann, perfectly captured the bride-to-be and her girls all in their pink glory! Clink the link below to see the blog post and photos.

Photos with The Pink Figgy in Charleston

How ADORABLE is Fiona the Pink Figgy?! I wanted to steal her. The only thing stopping me is I cant drive in right side drive cars haha

Jamie emailed me the week of her wedding to ask if I could shoot her & her bridesmaids with the Pink Figgy at her bridal brunch! It was a total surprise for her girls and the perfect color: Jamie loves pink & her brunch was pink & Lilly Pulitzer themed!

And if you think THIS shoot with Jamie is stylish and amazing…damn. Just wait till I blog her wedding!

This was so much fun for me to shoot & I’d love to see the Pink Figgy in more shoots! You could do bridal brunch, engagement photos, bridal portraits and even wedding photos with her!

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